Assess the Rub Resistance of Printed Data on Pharma Packages

Assess the Rub Resistance of Printed Data on Pharma Packages

Printed Information on the Pharma packages have high-level of importance. Their retaining strength must be higher and so is the resistance towards scuffing or rubbing. During packaging, storing or transit, the printed data can face scuffing over them and can lose its print quality with lost data. To avoid such situation, it is important to check the rub resistance of printed data on pharma packages with a reliable Scuff Resistance Tester.

The printed data on medicine packets are exposed to scuffing while they are handled in production unit, in storage and in transporting. They can even meet accidents and while facing these situations the vital details form the printing can vanish leaving the patients in doubts. This also leads to a drop in the brand reputation. Use of a reliable test solution such as scuff tester is vital. It can simulate the real-life scuffing in a controlled manner in the lab to check the working behaviour of the specimen.
The equipment is a digital based model with a precise digital counter which calculates the scuff movements done on the specimen surface. It smartly evaluate the color and printed ink transfer by scuffing. The machine complies with ASTM F2497-05, and BS 3110:1959. Motorized weight arrangement is installed for a zero noise pollution while working. Uniform load is applied on the specimen surface.
The specimen is help with strong clamping circular fixtures. Motorized gear movements used for implementing scuffing process. The upper rotating discs are controlled with accurate rpm using synchronized motor arrangement.

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