How ASTM D1729 Test can Improvise Colour Consistency?

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When an object is viewed under a certain light source, the colour seen is a result of the quality of light source and the reflective nature of the object. While observing colour match using different colourants, colours can appear to match under one light source and then appear significantly different under another light source. Therefore designers, brand owners, and production staff should all evaluate a colour under a consistent light source and avoid any kind of confusion leading to production loss.

The D65 daylight source specified in the ASTM D1729 standard displays a full range of spectral energy and provides an ideal viewing environment that can be easily replicated with an ASTM D1729 compliant lighting system. When all members of the supply chain observe a product under standard light conditions, a trusted and satisfactory colour match results are easily assured.

The ASTM D1729 standard test method is used to improve the testing procedures and deliver precise colour matching results. And this cannot be achieved until it is conducted on an instrument which complies with all the required international standards.

Presto’s Colour Matching Cabinet simulated the standardized environment for visual assessment of colour. It is designed to help you evaluate and communicate colour with absolute confidence. It is highly recommended for laboratories and industries where it is important to maintain colour consistency and quality. 

The testing instrument provides faster, closer and accurate colour matching solution. It has, thus, been the universally preferred choice for decades. Multiple light sources provide an essential tool for visual colour match assessment, comparison of colour variation, and detection of metamerism. 

Metamerism is a phenomenon wherein the test samples appear to match under one light source but seem different when viewed under another light source. In such situations, it is highly beneficial to use a standardized colour matching cabinet. The equipment is widely used in the paint and plating industry, besides textile & yarn, plastic, paper and other areas.

It has five light sources as per CIE international standards –D65, TFL light, TL84, UVB light, and CWF light. 

Key Features:

Standardized and controlled lightening conditions

Wide Viewing Area

High-Quality Light sources used

Comes with sample sporting angle viewing Booth 45 Degree–1 nos

*Also available in Spectrum USA and Spectrum Europe models on demand.

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