ASTM F1921 / F1921M - 12e1 For Hot Seal Strength

ASTM F1921 / F1921M - 12e1 For Hot Seal Strength

During form-fill operations, the sealed areas of packages, which is still hot are subjected to disruptive forces. Inadequate resistance to these forces could cause breakage to packaging forces. The ASTM F1921 standard test method is used to evaluate the hot seal strength of the packaging material. The standard can characterize and rank materials to check their performance in commercial applications. The quality of material is determined with the help of this test.

The test methods include laboratory measurement of the strength of heat seals formed between thermoplastic surfaces of flexible webs, once a seal has been made and before it cools to ambient temperature (hot tack strength).

The test methods require a testing device that automatically heat seals a sample and determines the strength of the hot seal at an accurately measured time when sealing cycle ended. The user should not be influenced when the sealing sequence has begun. The non-instrumented manual procedures employing springs, levers, pulleys and weights are not included where test result may be affected by operator technique. The test methods include two variations of the instrumented hot tack test

  • Grip separation rate during sealed specimen testing
  • If the testing device generates the cooling curve or the sample under test or measures the maximum force observed after a set delay time.

Above methods are used to check if the materials are within the scope of the test methods within the range and capacity of the machine used.

Hot Tack Tester complies with ASTM F1921 Standard Test Method

Presto designs and manufactures the Hot Tack Tester to perform hot tack and heat seal performance of laminated films, plastic films, and other packaging materials. The machine is also utilized to test the tension, peel, and shear strength of the laminated films, plastic films, papers and other similar flexible materials or products.

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