Avoiding Road Transit Hassles with the Vibration Table

Vibration Table

Manufacturers from all across industries find it extremely difficult to ship their products safely in the case of road transit. The compromised road conditions in the country are the major reason for huge losses in shipment orders, which hampers the company’s product and the brand reputation caused due to delays or damaged products. Although these products are packed with high-quality corrugated boxes which act as a safety shield over them due to the potholes and breakers in the road, the items packed together might experience damage.

To avoid such incidents of damage & losses, the companies undergo various testing processes during the packaging of the product. However, to scale up the standards and enhance the testing scenario all across industries, the Presto Group has an outstanding simulation lab testing instrument called the vibration table.

The instrument is the most perfect equipment when it comes to simulating the transit through road with altered conditions. The vibration table is designed to evaluate the performance of the packed products & items as they undergo road hassles during transit. The instrument has gained the trust of manufacturers due to its ability to conduct accurate simulations with no or minimal hassle.

Let us take a look at how exactly the vibration testing machine functions for a better & crystal clear understanding of all the simulations carried out by the instrument.

Functioning Process of the Vibration Table

The vibration table is a precisely designed lab testing equipment for the simulation of road transit that a product undergoes. The instrument provides a sense of assurance to the manufacturer and the shipment caretaker with its durable assessment beforehand.

To initiate the vibration test, the first & foremost step is to place the specimen on the testing platform. The operator must make sure that the sample is well within the railings of the platform, allowing the instrument to generate accurate test results.

Once the specimen is placed correctly, the operator can simply adjust the amplitude, angle & frequency of testing with the help of the control panel provided along with the instrument. The table is not connected to the table to allow the operator to conduct the test with seamlessness.

The vibration testing machine offers variable vibration movements that allow the operator to achieve higher accuracy as all 4 movements of the instrument simulate the potholes & breaker travels on the roads with absolute facile & precision.

The operator can perform testing with these 4 movements:

1. Swivel synchronous – designed for movement over breakers

2. Swivel asynchronous – designed for hazards with breakers

3. Vertical synchronous – designed for travel over potholes

4. Vertical asynchronous – designed for falling & dropping the vehicle tire into the pothole  

All these 4 methodologies along with high-end features allow the operator to conduct the vibration test with so much more accuracy & precision.

High-End Features Incorporated in the Vibration Table

The vibration table manufacturer has designed the instrument with a lot of features to reach highly accurate levels of the simulation and thus allow the manufacturer or the operator to take preventive measures in the case of uncertainties.

The instrument offers an outstanding feature of conducting the simulation test at different angles which allows the operator to evaluate the ability of the packed product to withstand road hazards when kept at different positions inside a container, shipment truck, etc. The different angled testing is conducted in the swivel mode:

1. 0 degrees

2. 30 degrees

3. 60 degrees

4. 90 degrees

The vibration table is equipped with highly advanced bolting standards which are ensured with the most futuristic technology available as the top-notch bolting allows the instrument to perform the test at higher frequency levels for a longer duration of time.

Another feature of the instrument is the physically disconnected control panel that allows the operator to conduct the test and stay away from the vibrating platform at the same time. The control panel is also equipped with feather touch controls that elevate the seamlessness of the conduction of the test. These feather touch controls allow the operator to adjust the timer up to 99.9 hours.

The lab testing equipment is also offered with a top-quality & durable railing on the sides of the vibrating platform that is sized at 1000 x 1000 mm, allowing the operator to conduct the test even with bigger samples.

The adjustable frequency levels along with variable amplitude movements allow the operator to simulate all sorts of hazards that a packaged product can experience during road transportation.

The instrument is also offered with a firm build & robust construction that has instilled the trust of manufacturers all across industries as it is made with durable material of mild steel that is coated with 7-layered powder paint which eradicates the scope rusting 7 corrosion for a long duration.

The instrument also has an automatic turn-off feature that allows the operator to adjust the time once and the testing will stop once the adjusted time on the control panel is achieved. To indicate the time, the instrument is offered with an LED display by the vibration table supplier of the Presto Group all across the globe.

All these top-notch & exclusive features are responsible for such accuracy-driven test results and precise simulation of road hazards whether breakers, potholes, or any other issue.  

Get Your Hands on the Top-Notch Vibration Table As Soon As Possible

To simulate the road hazards faced by packed products during transportation from one place to another, you can get your hands on the finest lab testing simulator offered by the Presto Group. To get the instrument offline, you can reach out to certified vibration table suppliers. To book the instrument online directly from the vibration table manufacturers, visit our website without wasting any moment. For any more queries & questions regarding the instrument, feel free to call us at +91 9210903903.

The company strives towards betterment by working on the received feedback, we will be extremely grateful to serve you as per your feedback at info@prestogroup.com.

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