Best Practice for Measurement of c

Best Practice for Measurement of Tensile Strength

Tensile testing is not only about exerting an outward pull on the sample until it breaks. A lot of precision is required to perform the test. In this post, we will highlight some points where we often make mistakes of making wrong observations. 

Standard Operating Procedure

First of all, essential care is required when the sample is prepared for the testing. According to the testing standards, a dumbbell-shaped sample is required. The dimensions of the sample are defined in the standard that your material and application require. The aim of having a dumbbell shape is to create a weak area in the sample that is prone to breakage from a specified area. If breakage occurs other than the required area, the test procedure is declared as fail.
Next, you need to clamp the sample properly in the jaws of the machine. The wider edges of the dumbbell should be gripped completely. Only narrow portion of the sample should be left for tension. If the sample is not clamped properly, the results might vary due to the dispersion of tension throughout. 
Once everything is set, the tensile testing machine applies tension on the sample until the sample breaks. Usually, in metal testing, the test is stopped once the necking appears, depending upon the application of the material. 



Presto’s tensile testing machine is universally acclaimed for its reliable results. Here are some worth noting properties of the machine. 
The machine comes with single column structure having a heavy duty mild steel body. 
It has a bright digital display to the easy readability of the test results.
The maximum capacity of the machine is 250 kg with least count of 100gms. 
The single-phase induction motor comes with 1440 RPM and is of worm reduction type.
The machine comes with over travel protection and has travel length of 25mm to 700mm.
The tensile test is an important quality check procedure in the automotive industry. Components like door trim panel, seating textile, etc. are tested for their tensile strength. Presto offers multiple models of tensile testing machine, that are customized as per industrial requirements. Contact our experts today for competitively priced deals. 


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