Best Quality GSM Round Cutter, GSM Weighing Balance & Foam Pads in India

Best Quality GSM Round Cutter, GSM Weighing Balance & Foam Pads in India

Simple & user friendly, GSM Cutters enable you to quickly and accurately cut circular specimens of a fixed diameter. It is also known as the GSM Cutting Machine or GSM Round Cutter. 

The GSM Round Cutter finds extensive application, since it can be used to cut any material - from woven, nonwoven and knitted textiles, to carpet, film, foam, paper and board - with heavy duty blades. It can be used to cut specimens up to 10mm thick.

As mentioned above, the Presto GSM Cutter can be used to determine grams per square meter of any material such as fabric, paper and board. Presto is the largest and most popular manufacturer of best quality GSM Cutters in India and isworld renowned for supplying lab testing instruments not only in India, but all across the world.

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Presto Round GSM Cutter

Test Area = 100cm2 (equivalent to a 10×10 cm square template)
Cutting accuracy : +/- 1%
Operation : Place on sample and rotate the knob ½ turn. You will get clean cut sample.

Includes 2 Foam Pads (1+1 free) – soft, reversible pads.

Extra / Consumables
– Foam Pads available individually or as a set of four.
– German Technical Blades (Set of 4 pcs).

The GSM Cutter is a highly reliable and accurate lab testing instrument, which is used for measuring grams per square meter, with the aid of a weighing scale and GSM pad.

The GSM cutter is utilized for cutting circular sample.

Procedure of Testing GSM:

1.     The sample is placed and using a GSM Cutter, a uniform circular sample is cut.

2.     The area of the cut specimen is 100 square centimeter.

3.     A set of four replaceable blades and soft foam, cutting pads are fitted in the machine for this purpose.

To measure the GSM accurately GSM cutter is useful, since GSM is one of the important qualities, based on which material costing and quality, is determined. A GSM cutter can be used for cutting fabric or any other specimen for various material for checking their weight and quality.

Accessories of Presto GSM Cutter include

1. GSM Pad
2. GSM Weighing Scale

Why Choose Presto GSM Cutter and accessories or Presto GSM Kit?

ü  Accuracy – Cutting of samples is accurate and precise – cutting is precisely 100 Square Centimeters, which is exactly 1 / 100th of a square meter.

ü  The depth of cutting up to 5mm. 

ü  The Presto GSM Cutter is provided with special finishes - for contacting surfaces to avoid of specimen slippage.

The weight of the circular specimen is in grams. The resultant weight (in grams) of the specimen is then, multiplied by 100. This gives us the weight in grams per square meter or the GSM of the sample under test.

Formula for measuring GSM using Presto GSM cutter:

Grams per square meter (GSM) = (Specimen weight in grams x 100)

In Textile and Apparel Industry, a GSM Cutter is widely used, especially in consumer textile testing labs and in the in-house testing labs of the garment factories and textile mills. It can also be used in fabric stores of the garment factory and fabric retail stores.

Key Features of Presto GSM Cutter:

ü  It is completely made of aluminum casting. This ensures that it is light in weight, yet it is sturdy and resilient.

ü  It is fitted with a unique locking (Catch Lock) mechanism for safety.

ü  Presto GSM Cutter is equipped with a set of four replaceable German reversible blades. Since the blades are reversible, it means that all four sides of the blades can be used.

ü  Two specially designed standard grey-cutting pads, made of special soft foam, are provided to support the cutting operation.

ü  The Presto GSM Cutter is aesthetically finished with metallic paint.

Thus, the Presto GSM Cutter is recommended for yield testing i.e. weight per unit area. It cuts rapidly and accurately. A circular specimen of 100 cm square area is cut. This gives the value of the GSM directly.

Along with Presto GSM Cutter, the Presto GSM Pad & GSM Weighing

Balance is also extensively popular in Paper Industry and Textile Industry. In the Presto GSM Weighing Balance, there is an inbuilt software to display direct GSM of the sample – which could be paper, fabric, board or film.

One of the leading GSM Cutter manufacturer of high-quality GSM Cutter, Presto has been manufacturing GSM Cutting Machines and lab testing instruments for almost four decades now.

Presto Testing Instruments are the best manufacturers of GSM Testing Kits (GSM Round Cutting Machine, GSM Weighing Balance & Foam Pads) in India. For further assistance, please visit or call +91-9210 903 903 for more details and customization of the equipment.


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