Best Ultra-Low Deep Freezers at Reasonable Price

Best Ultra-Low Deep Freezers at Reasonable Price

Ultra-Low Deep Freezer is an equipment which is very necessary for the storage of blood components and blood plasma, human cells, tissues and live virus vaccines, that sometimes need to preserved at ultra-low temperatures such as -86°C.

Ultra-Low Deep Freezers fulfill this need for the highest and most uncompromising requirements, with state-of-the-art technology and reliability. Their cooling system is optimally designed, not only with respect to their accuracy, but also keeping in mind the energy consumption, as well as generation of waste heat and noise.

For instance, the latest COVID-19 Vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and BioNtech, need to comply with stringent storage requirements and require temperatures as low as -70°C—equivalent to an Antarctic winter—to maintain their potency.

Although, the ‘Standard Temperature Set Point’ is -82°C, the temperature of the chamber can be adjusted between -20°C to -86°C.

Furthermore, Deep Freezers are helpful for protecting food items, clinical gear, blood samples, vaccines and infusions from degradation, for a significant period of time, throughout their shelf life.

Deep freezers also find extensive usage in cafés and markets to store and save packaged food items and beverages. Depending upon customer requirement, various kinds of deep freezers are available. These include deep freezers used at blood donation centers for preservation of blood, Freezer Drier, Ultra-low Deep Freezer and Deep Freezer (vertical model).

The designs, features and elements of deep freezers depends on the prerequisites of the customer/lab requirement and test application.

Ultra-Low Deep Freezers
An Ultra-low deep freezer is a highly beneficial piece of equipment, which is extensively used to create an ultra-cool, compelling environment.

It is fitted with air cooling blowers with streamlined fans and consolidated channels which keep the inside environment within the temperature range of -10 to -86 degrees C.

Presto Ultra Low Deep Freezer
As mentioned above, the temperature range inside these chambers can be set from – 10 degree Celsius to – 86 degree Celsius. Presto Ultra-low Deep Freezer is built using tempered steel materials and the external chamber is made of mellow steel. The outer chamber is duly painted with blue and dark tone and covered with non-corrosive, durable chrome plating.

Presto Ultra-Low Deep Temperature Freezer is available in various models with different specifications and determinations – such as models with varying temperature range limits, input power, weight, control board and digital requisites.

Benefits & Uses of Ultra low Deep Freezers

Presto Ultra- Low Deep Freezers are widely used in Medical Laboratories.

They can be used for any of the following purposes:

ü  Storing of Blood Samples & Laboratory Test Samples

The Presto Ultra Low Deep Freezer is used in clinical research facilities and medical labs for storing not only blood & tissue samples but also various other clinical test samples (which must be stored and protected at low temperatures, to avoid decomposition). 

The temperature range of deep freezers can be set between 0 to – 10 degree Celsius and that of Ultra Low Deep freezers can be set to as low as -60 or -86 Celsius. The temperature range which is utilized in research centers and clinical trials depends entirely on the pre-requisite need 

ü  Preservation & Storage  of Medicines

The Presto Ultra Low Deep freezer can also be utilized to protect prescription drugs, vials and other drugs which need to be preserved from degradation and decay, caused by high temperature. 

ü  Also known as ‘Medical Refrigerators’, Ultra Low Deep Freezers that are helpful in protecting life infusions and vaccines such as the Corona Virus Vaccine. These need to be stored at extremely low temperatures, in order to keep them viable and increase shelf life.

How Does An Ultra-Low Deep Freezer Work?

When the temperature range required to be achieved is between – 40 degree Celsius and  – 50 degree Celsius, the deep freezer is fitted with a Mechanical or single blower. However, if lower temperatures are required to be maintained, the Ultra-Low Deep Freezer needs to be fitted with two blowers, in order to create and maintain the temperature of the chamber at as low as -86 degrees.

To maintain the productivity and life of the blowers and also to reduce energy consumption, the smaller blowers are designed to turn off automatically, as soon as the set temperature is reached. However, the large blower remains switched on in order to keep up the consistency and maintain the temperature.

Factors Impacting Choice of Ultra-low Deep Freezer Model:
Here are a Five Factors that should be kept in mind while choosing which Ultra-Low Deep Freezer to buy:

ü  Communication port

ü  Data lumberjack or information stockpiling

ü  Provision of an alarm system that gets triggered that when the temperature arrives at the specified/ set point.

ü  Door opening and closing arrangement.

ü  Temperature consistency or temperature recovery choices.

Presto Testing Instruments offers the best quality, highly efficient Ultra Low Deep Freezers, which are time tested and are ideal for maintaining potency of vaccines and infusion, even in harsh climatic conditions. Sturdy, durable and reliable for storage of Corona Virus Vaccine, makes Presto Ultra Low Deep freezers, the ideal choice for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and medical laboratories.



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