Best Wall Thickness Gauge Tester for Glass Vials in India - Useful for Packaging Testing of Corona Vaccine

Best Wall Thickness Gauge Tester for Glass Vials in India - Useful for Packaging Testing of Corona Vaccine

Corning Valor Glass is a recent innovation in glass packaging. It is significant in manufacturing and distributing COVID-19 vaccines, successfully meeting the demand of vial packaging, by improving quality and manufacturing efficiency.

It is very important to evaluate the wall thickness of glass vials. This can be performed accurately using the Wall Thickness Gauge Magna-Mike 8600.

This is very useful for testing packaging of glass vials for the latest Corona Vaccine in India.

Easy Measurement of Wall Thickness

For measuring the wall thickness, a magnetic probe is rested on one surface of the testing material. Then, a tiny steel target, like a wire, disk or ball, is placed on the opposite surface. The thickness tester can precisely compute the distance between the target and the probe tip, equating to the wall thickness.

Corning’s Valor Glass

Limitations in the performance of glass packaging - such as delamination, breakage, and particulate generation- have been always challenging for pharmaceutical companies. A recent innovation positioned to help solve these issues is Corning’s Valor® Glass.

Corning Valor Glass is the first glass developed explicitly for pharmaceutical glass packaging. The superior performance of Valor Glass, as compared to conventional borosilicate containers, is enabled by several innovative features, including a unique composition that eliminates delamination, chemical strengthening to increase breakage resistance, and an external protective coating that resists damage, reduces glass particulate generation, and increases the operational efficiency of pharmaceutical fill/finish manufacturing.

Valor Glass is an innovative glass package that can enable drug manufacturing fill lines to run at much higher speeds while maintaining efficiency. Solutions that help accelerate the pace to market and improve quality support Indian pharma’s efforts to provide vaccines to people sooner.

Thickness Testing of Corning’s Valor Glass Vials

Hall Effect gauges can successfully evaluate the thickness of non-magnetic materials such as a bottle, other plastic products, ceramics and glass vials. The product works by the resting of a probe tip and a small steel ball on opposite surfaces of the wall. Thus, it can be used to precisely calculate the wall thickness. Calculation precision can be near around +/- 1% of wall thickness and is +/- 3% or better.

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Applications of Wall Thickness Gauge Magna-Mike 8600

It works on the principles of electromagnetism and can be used for glass, as well as plastics and composites and other nonconductive materials. 

Magna-Mike 8600 is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry for:

  • Used in measurement of wall thickness of glass vials, plastic bottles and similar containers.
  • It can also be used for many other situations involving relatively thin, nonmagnetic products such as aluminum containers.
  • Also for plastic and glass tubing, scientific glassware
  • And for many small machined or molded plastic and composite parts.

Working Principle of Magna-Mike 8600

A thickness sensor is an advanced electronic semiconductor which reacts to modifications in a magnetic field by changing a voltage coming across its surface when an electric current travels through it.

The Wall Thickness Gauge Magna-Mika 8600 provides reliable results and can be used for batch-to-batch comparisons, and grade thickness of glass vials, flexible packaging and packing materials.

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