Best Way To Examine The Colors Consistency Of Textile Product In Different Lights

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Colour Matching CabinetWith the increase in the demand for the textile goods, the manufacturers in textile manufacturing industries are pushed to commence the production on a large scale to satisfy the need of a large number of people in a given period of time. But due to the massive production, it becomes difficult for the manufacturers to test the quality of the goods at all the stages of production. If the manufacturers are not able to provide premium quality of the fabrics, it will become difficult for them to survive in the market for an extended period of time. To ensure the quality of the textile products, the manufacturers must make use of high-quality of testing machines. One of the best and premium quality of testing machine which is widely used in textile industries to measure the quality of the textile products is the Color Matching Booth.

Solution to Solve Metamerism by Presto

The renowned manufacturer of testing machines, Presto Stantest produces high-quality of Color matching booth to solve the problem of metamerism completely. The instrument produces different lightening conditions to test the color quality of the textile materials and fabrics. The problem of metamerism occurs due to the wavelengths that are produced by different lights. This solves the problem of metamerism by testing the color consistency of the sample in various conditions.

Different models of Color Matching Booth

Presto Stantest offers three models of Color Matching cabinet as per Asia Spectrum, USA spectrum, and Euro Spectrum. The laboratory testing machine offers highly accurate test results.

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