Bottle Burst Tester-Prevent your PET Products from Bursting Failures

Bottle Burst Tester-Prevent your PET Products from Bursting Failures

There are very few of PET manufacturer who actually perform bottle burst testing on their products. When we have performed so many tests on our production line, what’s the need to perform this test? Moreover, PET bottles are not prone to frequent bursting. This is a common notion that we all have. But considering the PET as a reliable source for transporting and storing liquids, we cannot ignore even the single aspect that could lead to the failure of the product.

Bursting of PET bottles is very common in warehouses and during transportation. When PET bottles are transported in sleeve wrapping they are susceptible to bursting. Sleeve wrapping is the alternate and cost-effective method of corrugated box packing. In this technique, the bottles are directly exposed to external forces that may damage the PET bottles.
When bottles are stacked in warehouses that are subjected to top load and there are chances that instead of developing deformities, the bottle may burst. This may lead to the contamination of the consignment. This could be a serious problem if bottles are carrying odoriferous liquids. 
When carrying carbonated drinks, due to excessive shaking there develops pressure inside the bottle. If this pressure exceeds the certain limit, or due to weak points in the bottle structure, the bottle may fail. 
A bottle burst tester exerts the pressure inside the bottle until it burst. The amount of pressure, it can withstand, is displayed on the screen. A bottle burst tester equipped with the cavity to hold the sampled bottle. Pressure is exerted inside the bottle to inflate it to an extent where it bursts. The pressure required to burst the bottle is measured and displayed on the screen. 
Presto’s bottle burst tester comes on different models for different sized bottles. Depending upon the industrial application and industrial demands, the machine can be customized.
Salient Features of Bottle Burst Testing Equipment
This equipment is used for the evaluation of burst strength, expansion volume and wall thickness of PET bottles
The device is equipped with latest digital display
It comes with protective cavity for operator’s safety
The strong clamping mechanism is available to hold the bottle.
Digital Pre-set Timer function ensures high accuracy and repeatability

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