Bottle Volume Expansion Test for Better Resistance

Bottle Volume Expansion Test for Better Resistance

PET made Bottles are used for a wide variety of applications demanding more durability, strength, burst resistance etc. The Soda and Soft drinks beverage manufacturers require more strong and resistant material for carrying highly pressurized drinks inside. Therefore, the quality control testing is on demand. More accurate and precision based results only can help the manufacturer to understand the exact area of flaw and scope of improvement. Hence, it is important to have a highly renowned system for testing the burst resistance of PET bottles. Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of material testing equipment and from their range of products, we bring you the Bottle Burst Tester.

The digital based model is constructed using high grade mild steel material and is plated with a corrosion resistant finishing. This delivers a long run performance and low requirement of servicing. The tester allow to perform a standardized volume expansion test on PET bottles and see till which point of pressure the bottle can takes. The pressure recording and the timer is displayed onto distinct section. Time duration can be observed on the timer unit and the pressure applied on the pressure hold facility.
Strong clamping mechanism allow a perfect testing procedure with zero loss of pressure. The design and function of the equipment abide the rules of International testing standard of ASTM C147-86 (2015). This is the globally followed standard which means the test results delivered by the tester will be accepted worldwide. To perform the test the specimen is placed inside the clamping section and closed firmly after which elevating pressure will be introduced. It will be seen till what pressure value, the bottle will only expand and not damage will be reached. And on which point the bottle specimen will rupture or will burst out.

The testing results are displayed on the digital screen which is programed using microprocessor software. The pressure applied is manged using pneumatic controls reducing human interaction in the test. This ensures the accuracy of the test throughout the process. For higher clamping, strong lever arm is installed.

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