Bottle Weight Assessment for Beverage Packaging Control

Bottle Weight Assessment for Beverage Packaging Control

The section weight assessment for beverage packaging containers is a necessary quality control step. Requirement of precise equipment is a must as uneven section cutting will not only lead to wrong inspection report but also pass the errors in the entire production line. Machines such as Hot Wire Bottle Cutter NXG is considered to be ideal setup used for the cutting and weight analysis process.

The testing equipment offers a new generation technology which is used for conducting precise bottle weight assessment. It can accurately slice up the distinct section of the PET bottle for weight analysis. Controlled using digital programming with display screen for heat monitoring. Equipped with Kanthal wires for smooth slicing of material.
The devices uses the principle of slicing the PET bottle or container using heated wires. Due to the use of Kanthal material in the wires, the machine is able to deliver even surface after slicing. The entire equipment is constructed using high-grade of steel material and is ergonomically designed. The wires are hooked on both sides of the sliding lid with adjusting features. User can make changes in the wire positions as per requirement and specimen shape and size.
The Hot wire cutter is specially designed to test distinct sizes of bottles. It is suitable for PET bottles, preforms, and other kind of polymer containers. The sample clamping assurance is 100 percent with strong grips which ensure no slippage of specimen during the process. No need for long waiting time for heating up the wires. The machine offers rapid heating of Kanthal wires. User can even adjust the wire tension force.
As per many beverage packaging industry, it is vital to determine the section weight of the bottle. This particular property lands with further estimations for quality control. 

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