Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) And Indian Standards Institute (ISI)

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) And Indian Standards Institute (ISI)

ISI is meant for a quality standard set by the Indian government. The socio-economic conditions had changed in the mid-1980, and a stronger body is set as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The ISI is later taking over by the BIS. However the term “ISI mark” continues to be used for the quality standards. BIS is authorized to use the ISI mark and offers the product certification, which is basically voluntary. If the manufacturer related to any industry is assured that his products have the ability to comply with the BIS standards, then he can apply for the certification.

How to apply for the certification?

  • Submit application at nearest BIS office, the officer will evaluate at the factory level, and will check if the manufacturer has the ability to produce high-quality goods as per the standards set for the category. The sample test is performed at the factory as well as outside. The license will be granted to the manufacturer if the evaluation is okay and the product passes the tests.
  • When the products are tested in the BIS lab, and required documents are certified independently, the manufacturers provide the test reports to BIS. The authenticity of the reports is checked by the BIS within a month to grant a license for ISI mark usage.
  • It is mandatory for BIS to certify a list of items for safety reason or mass nature of consumption and public health, besides product certification. Manufacturers of cylinders, gas valves and infant food are not eligible to apply for ISI mark under a voluntary

Products Falling Under BIS Standards

The BIS standards are applicable for 16 broad categories including textiles, automobile components, electronics, plastic products, packaged food, and water. Anyone can apply for the new category update in the current list. The 16 categories fall under 19,000 standards covering many areas with meticulous detail.

There is a Certification Advisory Committee that includes people from sectors such as manufacturers, government agencies, consumers, industry associations, exists under BIS to advise.

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