Bursting Strength Test - Best To Measure The Bursting Strength Of 3 Ply Corrugated Sheet?

Bursting Strength Test

Packaging protects the products from various factors like environmental factors, transportation factors, and many more to deliver the products safely in the hands of the customers. To pack the products different types of products are used like cartons, corrugated boxes, fiber sheet boxes, and many more. Out of these boxes, corrugated boxes are used on a large scale to fulfill the packaging purposes as they are more strong and sturdy in nature. These boxes are designed with the different types of sheets namely single ply sheet, double ply sheet, 3 ply corrugated sheet and multi-layered ply sheet. The number of ply signifies the strength of the corrugated boxes. The standard type of sheet which is used to design and manufacture best quality of corrugated boxes is 3 Ply corrugated sheet.

The 3 ply corrugated sheet or tri-wall corrugated boards comprise of three plies of fluted papers which are pasted together with 3 number of plies, and the outer surface is covered with a layer of paper or cardboard. To manufacture the high-quality of corrugated boxes with the standard layer of 3 ply corrugated sheet, the manufacturers need to test the quality of 3 ply corrugated sheet. The quality of such kind of sheets can be tested by measuring the bursting strength of 3 Ply corrugated sheet. As it is cleared from the structure of the type of corrugated sheet, they differ with respect to the strength that increases with the increase in the number of plies and the quality of the paper used. The strength of 3 ply corrugated boards is determined by the following three major characteristics: Bursting Strength, Puncture Resistance of the corrugated board and the Edgewise crush resistance of the boxes.



The best procedure for measuring the strength of 3 ply corrugated sheet is to measure the bursting strength of the corrugated boxes. This can be measured with the help of high-quality of Bursting Strength Tester offered by a reputed manufacturer. Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing equipment, offers high-quality of bursting strength tester that can efficiently measure the bursting strength of 3 ply corrugated sheet.

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