Calculate Internal Pressure Strength of Plastic Bottles

Calculate Internal Pressure Strength of Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles or containers are the most used product in beverage packaging vertical. Today, various items are using PET bottles as their mode of packaging and reaching to the customers. The durability, the non-reactive nature and the extensive strength today’s Plastic bottles deliver is amazing. It is said that the internal pressure strength of plastic bottles are the one factor on which it is categorized for various applications, especially for carrying pressurized drinks like soda water. The pressure, compressed air inside put on the internal surface must be calculated using a bottle burst tester. It must be seen the plastic bottle can take the pressure or it fails and burst down.

The test machine is used to conduct plastic bottle burst test by applying minimum amount of pressure and examine the rate at which volume expansion happens. The Tester is fabricated under different Test Standards, for example, ASTM C147-86 (2015).
Digitalized display screen for precise test outcomes. Exceptionally exact test results under pneumatic pressure control. Solid clasping ensured for performing tests. No slippage in the event that the sample is fixed consistently utilizing bracing and lever arm. Advanced Pre-set timer technology. Clock variable to hrs: min: sec format. Auto Pressure hold facility for evaluating pressure. Simple and adjustable equipment. Suitable for distinct shape and size of PET containers. Caution buzz on test consummation internal pressure strength of plastic bottles.

To test the internal pressure strength of plastic bottles, the specimen must be kept inside the cabinet and locked firmly. The digital controls offers setting for test duration, cycles and pressure. Initiate the test by pushing single button. The visual inspection of containers can be done. If the bottles are of poor quality they may burst out in small amount of pressure exertion. This type of material will not be suggested to use for carrying carbonized beverages.

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