Calculate the Cobb Value for Good Quality Carton Sheet

Calculate the Cobb Value for Good Quality Carton Sheet

Carton sheets are the foremost choice for many packaging manufacturers. Their unique design and construction assure stability while carrying wide range of products. They deliver maximum resistance against an external load, protect against moisture and offer sustainable packaging solutions. Also, they are cost-effective and highly customizable. However, there are distinct categories of corrugated sheet, each for a particular application.

Carton sheets are designed as per their use and quality standards. Although all of them are part of the packaging vertical, they need to be distinct in a few criteria as per their use. Among these criteria, one common property is - Cobb Value. The Cobb value is the power of water retention. The Instrument used for the process is known as Cobb Sizing Tester.
It is a simplified testing apparatus, used for faster detection of water absorption (Cobb Value) of a material. It is suitable for checking the quality of distinct forms of Paper, corrugated fibreboard, cardboard etc. It is renowned for its user-friendly design and rapid testing. It complies with IS 1060, TAPPI –T441 to assure accurate test results.
Cobb Sizing Tester contains a cylindrical test platform hanging on a rod with a diameter of 60 mm. The cylinder has a water level indicator at 10 mm and 25 mm height. Inside you will find a rubber pad with a 145 mm diameter for keeping the testing specimen. The hanging structure is always locked from one end at the rod.
To unlock, you need to push the screw and rotate the main body upside down for placing the specimen. There is another locking system at the base of the rubber pad to lock the specimen tightly during the test. A cylindrical roller of 10kg weight is also a part of the apparatus which is used to extract the excess amount of water in the sample.The sample to be tested must be cut out in a circular shape with 112 mm diameter (approx.). The amount of water absorption is estimated by weighing the sample before test and after test.
Estimating the Cobb value of Carton sheets is a vital step in quality control. The categorization of material is easy, when you know the quality in numbers. 

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