Calculating Wall Thickness of Plastic Pipe with NDT Device

Calculating Wall Thickness of Plastic Pipe with NDT Device

Plastic pipes are utilized in many industries for distinct applications and their functions are based upon minute assessment of wall thickness. The thickness decides their position, functions and much more. Therefor precise thickness estimation is required. Magnamike 8600 is a renowned measurement solution for Non-destructive methods. Designed and manufactured by Olympus, a leading brand across the globe, the wall thickness gauge is supplied in India by Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd., who are the only authorized dealer of the equipment.

The Non-destructive thickness measurement tool is a unique designed tool used to calculate the wall thickness of plastic pipe with high precision. It uses magnetic field testing principle to conduct measurements. User can perform repeatable and reliable testing on any nonferrous material. Suitable for estimating wall thickness of plastic material, glass bottles, packaging items, automotive tear seams, Parts or components in Aerospace industry etc. A probe device is delivered with the complete machine which works using Hall Effect sensor.
A wide screen LCD installed for a clearer and better test readout vision with all the required details. To ensure accuracy of test results one can also perform repeatable measurements. Other than probe, Target ball or wire disk is used for magnetic thickness assessment. The target ball are usually used for hollow spaces like in Bottle containers and wire disks for narrow spaces like in tear seams.

The thickness range it delivers for measurement is up to 25.4 mm. Two style wear caps for probe including standard and chisel type. Huge color VGS display screen make it easy for user to watch the thickness measuring values along with all the required details. It is known to deliver the fastest update at the rate of 60 Hz. A special instrument password lock feature is also available to secure the registered test data when not in use. Operator can use RS-232/USB/VGA output communication portal for downloading test data.


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