Can Your Bottles Withstand Pressure without Bursting?

Can Your Bottles Withstand Pressure without Bursting?

PET containers are used in our daily lives whether you are buying bottled water from the store or making a sandwich. It is commonly used for packaging water, peanut butter, soft drinks, cosmetics etc. Manufacturers use it to package products for its thermos ability, strength and transparency. Because of its properties such as reseal able, recyclable, lightweight and inexpensive nature, it is widely chosen by customers all over the world. PET Bottle Pressure Tester performs bottle burst test on PET bottles having minimum pressure and test the volume expansion of samples.

Benefits of Using PET

PET is preferred over glass mainly because of its resistance from microorganisms attack, hygienic, rigidness and non-reactivity to foods and beverages. PET plastics preserves and stores food and fluids in a much healthier way. It acts as a strong barrier to resist against moisture, light, water etc. Carbonated and non-carbonated drinks are safe within PET packings. Various industries conduct tests as per the requirement of the working conditions.

Bottle Burst Tester – Best Method of Testing PET Packages

Packing for carbonated drinks can also be tested using GV shaker to detect whether the bottle can sustain the carbonated pressure during shaking or not. Tests are performed with respect to contents that they are filled with. Bottle Burst Tester measures the volumetric expansion of PET bottle under pressurised conditions to break the bottle.
Bottle Burst testing method includes a bottle tightened within the hole of bottle burst tester. The test is performed in either proof test or resistance test. The proof test includes a predetermined pressure that is created within the bottle and keeping it for a predefined time. The result can be used to determine how much pressure it can withstand before it gets damaged. In the resistance test, the pressure increases in a defined way and measures the value at the point when the bottle burst. PET bottle Burst Tester is manufactured under test standards of ASTM C147-86(2015).

Some of the features of Bottle Burst Tester-Touchscreen are:

  • Pressure setting and pre-set timer functions integrated into HMI for precise and reproducible
  • It has excellent system control with the latest HMI touchscreen
  • Pressure settings are inbuilt which can be seen on HMI screen
  • Automatic test providing an easy settings
  • Rigid grip mechanism to conduct tests
  • Stainless steel test chamber that are corrosion resistant
  • Provides existing test status display
  • Program profile to select test parameters and conducting the test
  • Accessibility to inbuilt self-calibration facility
  • Applicable to various sizes of PET bottles
  • Availability of data output in data record and graphical format
  • Availability of USB option to store test data

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