Check Leakage of PET Bottles with Accurate Tester

Check Leakage of PET Bottles with Accurate Tester

A bottle’s cap maintains the freshness of the product inside. Bottle cap and closure are a vital part of any container body. The seal of a bottle protects the content inside from surrounding contaminants. By testing the seal of the cap, the relative seal strength is analysed and on-line production issues can be avoided.

A ruptured seal increases the chances of a product’s failure at the time of transit and storage. Any leaks expose the product to oxygen resulting in the spoiling of products. Secure seal tester tests the strength of a bottle cap’s seal within the safe framework, thereby protecting the user from any bursts. They are also used for packing and storing chemicals. So, it is important to test the integrity of these bottles. As there can be fatal accidents due to the damage or spillage of the contents inside, the intactness of the bottle caps must be tested.

The seal of the bottle is crucial as products are in liquid form and if the seal is not appropriate, it can cause leakage. Secure seal tester allows testing the seal integrity on glass and plastic beverage containers. The instrument is designed to refer the needs of sealing beverages containers that utilise twist crowns, aluminium roll-on or plastic caps. It detects gas leakage rather than liquid to provide accurate readings.

Secure seal tester is an excellent investment that adheres to international standards. Its touch screen model is used to test the capacity or strength of the caps. It is user friendly and the digital touch screen interface gives the equipment with stability and simplicity to operate it nicely.

Many testing equipments are best known in the market for bottle caps in the secure seal test method. In this method, the sealed cap is dipped inside a vacuum water condition. The air is evacuated through the sample to see whether it creates any bubble in the water or not. Digital Secure tester is a renowned testing machine that is used by the leading brand to perform seal integrity test. It suits various PET bottle and containers having several shapes and sizes.

Working of the instrument is based on digital control and chip based program. Accurate identification of leakage is conducted by converting the identified changes into a numerical value. The material that is used in this instrument is High Tensile Plexiglass and a brass specimen holder to prevent reactions with the sample material in water. It also includes a pressure hold facility.


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