Check Print Quality of Shipping Marks with Scuff Test

Check Print Quality of Shipping Marks with Scuff Test

Import & exports have been an integral part of many business ventures. Spreading the services network across the globe has become essential to compete at an international platform. And when we talk about exports, there comes a very important section which can make or break the image of any exporter, which is the print quality of shipping marks on the packaging. Being a manufacturer, who exports their products to international grounds, have you ever given a thought to the role and importance of the shipping marks printed on the carton boxes? Well, that is the topic of discussion today. In this post, we will be throwing some light on the role of shipping marks and how their quality testing using a Scuff tester can save you from delivery rejections.

Markings and symbols on the carton package are one of the best communication systems which assure its safety until it reaches the buyers’ doorstep. During export or even local transporting, the boxes are stacked over each other. They may fall, or the surface get rubbed by the surrounding - whatever the situation may be, it is enough to erase the markings of the box, if the print quality is not up to the mark. This can lead to several situations, like mixing up your product with another due to inability to read the identification. The product may be shipped to some other location or is rejected and gets back to you.

To avoid rejections and secure their export system, manufacturers must use a standardized Scuff tester. The test uses a metal base and rubs the printed surface consistently by applying a particular amount of pressure. The rubbing cycles can be fixed using a digital setup program and the test result can be inspected visually.
Besides being easy to operate, the machine gives highly accurate results since it is designed as per global testing standards. The test will definitely guide you towards the right print quality and will ensure a safe transit.
The machine calculates the number of doublestroke patterns which are applied to the sample to generate fuzz at the initial stage of the test and peel at the next level. It complies with national and international testing standards of ASTM F2497-05, BS 3110:1959. This ensures the acceptability of the test results across the globe. Equipped with various features like noise-free motor, uniform load distribution, digital pre-set counter and strong circular shaped clamps. Touchscreen model also available.

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