Check Road Worthiness of Corrugated Packages

Check Road Worthiness of Corrugated Packages

Corrugated Packages are built to resist compressive load, moisture or other weathering conditions and tolerate road jerks and shocks during transit. Making its properties durable and effecting for long time is the ultimate goal of any manufacturer. For which quality control test authorized by standardizations are vital step to take. For checking the capability of withstanding road jerks, Vibration Table is used.

The testing apparatus is special designed to check the road worthiness of corrugated packages. Also suitable for testing PET bottles and medium sized containers. It smartly generates the vibration and jerks which may be experienced by the sample during transit conditions or handling while in manufacturing process. It is based upon several test standards such as ASTM D999, TAPPI, IS 7028(part II).
TAPPI T 817 known for Vibration Test for Fibreboard Shipping Containers is considered to be an ideal test standard within packaging industry and corrugated board manufacturers. The test machine follows TAPPI standards to deliver test results which can be trusted globally. This is a Digital model however, Electro-mechanical, Pneumatic and Electromagnetic models are also available on request.

The test platform is huge and is supported with Slippage protection railings. The rails supports the specimen and protects the same from falling down during the vibration process. Digital timer is also a part of delivery to count the jolts generated by the machine and deliver test values. The frequency is adjustable from 2 Hz to 6 Hz. Soft feather touch buttons for user comfort and easy operations. LED lights installed on display screen for clear vision. High precision is promised with variable frequency setting. Test run time can be set using the digital timer.


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