Check Seal Integrity of Pouches to Prevent Leakages

Check Seal Integrity of Pouches to Prevent Leakages

Product quality assurance can be assessed by the maintenance of package integrity all through the product shelf life. The presence of defects like pinholes in the materials or micro-channels in the sealing area influence the stability and efficiency of the contents. A small leak helps a fluid to flow through it. The rate of flow depends on the shape of the leak, its nature, differential pressure and temperature.

Flexible and semi rigid food packages are formed by plastic materials. Closure of these packages is achieved by heat sealing or double sealing. Various other packages which have the same integrity concerns are flexible pouches, plastic cups, paperboard packages and plastic cans with double-seamed metal ends.

Importance of Seal Integrity

  1. Protection from Microbes - The closures provide a barrier to microorganism and resist oxygen from degrading the food.
  2. Protection against moisture -Closure integrity is important as sealing surfaces contain food particles and moisture that support heat seal and double seam defects. Seal Integrity Tester is the testing machine to test the seal integrity of the products.

Role of Leak Detector

A packaging product leak detector plays an important role in maintaining the quality of packaging products. To solve the problem, manufacturers of the testing instrument have created a well-designed seal integrity tester to check seal integrity and the leakage property of the packets.

Seal integrity of packaging products is at risk at the time of transportation and various testing techniques. Another problem in leakage in the packets is the heating element that is used to create a minimum amount of heat to seal the pouches is misaligned due to some reason such as pressure, duration of sealing process etc.

Seal Integrity Tester
The integrity of seals must be checked properly using best quality leakage detection testing machine. For retaining the customers and building relationship, issues related to packages must be handled properly by the manufacturers.
Seal Integrity Tester for pouches is used to test the intactness of the pouches used for packaging various products. The test is conducted after creating a vacuum by placing the sample inside, you can find leakage in the seal of the pouch. Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the testing instrument used in a wide variety of industries.


  • Précised test results under pneumatic pressure control
  • USB option available to store test data
  • Excellent system control having HMI touchscreen
  • Strong clamping mechanism to perform tests
  • Program profile to select test parameters and performing the test
  • Usage of mild steel and stainless steel material
  • Powder coated Havel Gray and Blue combination finish and bright chrome zinc plating for corrosion resistant finish


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