Check Stability of Electronic Products in High Humid Condition

Check Stability of Electronic Products in High Humid Condition


Rust, rot, decay, mold, caking, agglomeration, stretching, warping and decomposition are some of the problems that we encounter in our daily lives. The root cause of all these problems is moisture and humidity. Many times, the products are stored, manufactured and transported in a humid environment that may not suit the moisture sensitivity of the material. It may lead to degradation of stored products machine and low product appeal. Humidity Chambers are applicable to products like building materials, aerospace, electrical appliances, food, metals, electronics etc. 
In the electronic industry, the printed wirings are rusted mainly due to the presence of high humidity. There is a constant threat to the quality of products and efficiency in production. Hence, humidity control and testing are important for all industries in general and electronic industry in particular. Humidity testing must be conducted at the time of production and maintaining product quality and consistency.
Testing products in the real environment gives significant feedback about the operation in real world situations. An Environmental cabinet delivers this feedback by exposing the material inside stresses like sun exposure, vibration, moisture, temperature etc. These environmental chambers can evaluate product reliability and quality. All the weaknesses can be identified and it can show the process of product degradation also. It can be used to predict its potential lifespan.
Some of the applications of Humidity chambers in many industries are:
  • To test the capacity of food products to maintain quality when exposed to humid climatic conditions.
  • Tests the long-term stability of the products in the cosmetic industries at elevated temperature and high humidity level.
  • Building materials are tested for durability and strength with respect to extreme conditions when used in actual.
  • The textile products are tested in humidity chambers for the color fastness and any change in their physical properties like appearance that is being faced at extreme humidity and temperature conditions.
  • The pharmaceutical products are tested to check their stability in high climatic situations having high moisture content and temperature. 
Presto is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Humidity Test Chamber. The machine is used extensively in various industries to test products under extreme temperature. The machine has been tested as per standard and gives accurate result under uniform temperatures and moistness levels in the chamber. Some of the features are inbuilt calibration facility with reference to the PID controller. Auto stop feature to stop time at a set time. Auto tuning capacity with high grade imported PUF insulated material used inside.


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