Checking the quality of plastic material with ESCR testers

Checking the quality of plastic material with ESCR testers

 Plastics came into existence in the 1950s. Now, over 300 million tons of plastic are manufactured on an annual basis. The wide usage of plastics is due to low manufacturing costs, flexibility, low weight and acid resistance. Due to its flexible properties, innovative technology in the stream of automobile manufacturing, medicine, etc. leads to new proposals, enhancements and comfort. But, there are many problems related to the usage of plastics. The plastic containers contain many harmful chemicals. Cracks can develop in these containers leading to accidents. The most popular types of plastics are polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, polyurethane, PET etc. Environmental stress resistance testers or ESCR are used to detect environmental stress on plastic materials.

Chemicals such as detergents, soaps and various wetting agents are hard which causes cracks on polyethylene with time. Due to operational stress on polyethylene tanks which contract and expand with the cycling of the tank, there is a need for testing strength of polyethylene and its cracking with time. Plastics are mostly damaged due to the impact of temperature, sunlight, rain, humidity or free fall. ESCR testers measure the quality of products.

ESCR test of plastic material is the best measurement method. A sample is cut using a cutting die. It is then pierced from the middle point. The sample is folded to give stress on the affected point due to bent. The sample is placed in the fixture which is kept in the glass test tube. The sample is not placed directly in the test cabinet containing hot water instead of that tubes are used for testing. The temperature is set to 250°C. Silicon oil can be used as a medium but water is more preferable. Multiple samples can be tested at a time.
Presto environmental stress resistance tester is designed to measure the effect of environment on plastic containers. The test method is helpful to manufacturers of plastic to identify the factors that affect the stress crack resistance of the container. The most reliable and fast way to determine the characteristics of plastics. It complies with ASTM D1693-15. The temperature can be controlled by a digital chip based PID controller. LED display with heaters for consistent heating and maintaining temperature in the cabinet. A set of test tubes having fixtures to support samples inside the tank.


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