Choose the Right Hot Air Oven for Industrial Use

Choose the Right Hot Air Oven for Industrial Use
While selecting quality control equipment, one must know the difference between the Universal type, laboratory type and industrial type instruments. Hot air oven is a very common sight in any manufacturing or industrial unit. However, it will not perform the way you need if you have a laboratory one purchased for testing the ageing process in plastic. Presto brings you a specifically constructed equipment which complies with international standards for industrial tests.
Hot air oven is a highly standardized and advanced dry heat cabinet which is specifically designed for Industrial use. It generates a controlled heating environment to test the specimen physical changes in rising temperature. The dry heat method is used in industries to assess the working performance of a polymer sample in heat elevation.
Got a robust body and corrosion resistant plating for long-run performance. High-grade glass wool insulation delivered inside the cabinet to assure zero heat loss. Tight seal doors to secure the internal heating conditions form outer environment. New-age PT-100 sensor for controlling temperature setting. German imported precisely designed circulation fans to spread the heated air uniformly to each and every corner of the cabinet. Unidirectional heating has poor circulation and thus are not able to perform the test efficiently.
Hot air oven for industrial use must not compromise with user ease. Within a busy industrial process, it would be a huge hassle if one operator has to stand in front of the oven for the entire test process and note down the duration and changes. This equipment though is highly advanced set up and is controlled with digital operations. The microprocessor-based digital screen is equipped on the machine exterior to display real-time test duration and temperature setting. One can manage the parameters and set time easily.
Using the unique, inbuilt auto calibration, one can tune in the equipment prior test as per company or customer test requirements. The vent is installed to allow forced air modifications and activate calibration feature. Operation button has a feather-touch smoothness for user comfort.
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