Comparative Analysis on Cracking Resistance of Polypropylene

Comparative Analysis on Cracking Resistance of Polypropylene
Polypropylene material are tend to develop cracks on them when are exposed to stressful conditions for a prolong time like direct sunlight, high or low temperature, moisture, rain, humidity, wind, UV rays etc. Every standard material has its own capacity of taking the stress or exhibiting resistance against the conditions. The ESCR Tester helps the manufacturer to conduct a comparative analysis test on the Polypropylene material based on which the application for material can be decided.
The test cabinet is constructed under international test standards and is designed accordingly the authorities. It is utilized to detect the modifications in the physical characteristics of specimen and to ascertain the actual life of samples at environmental stress conditions. It is a vital resin property caused due to tensile stresses experienced with prolong use. Complies with ASTM D1693-15.
The temperature is managed using high-tech PID controller unit. This allow a stable control over temperature throughout the test process. The temperature inside is distributed uniformly to every single space so that accuracy can be maintained in the test results. The PID controller is based upon digitally controlled microprocessor program. User can even manage the Set value termed as SV and the process Value termed as PV for a particular test. These values will help the user for further test related calculations.
An auto-tuning feature is available on the test equipment as an inbuilt feature. User can calibrate the test machine as per their standards. Bright LED light are installed in the digital display for clearer vision. The temperature uniform distribution is done using the Rapid mode heaters. Along with this, an integral system of water drainage is installed. A stirrer motor installed for stirring up the tank conditions uniformly with the sample. Set of test tubes are available for holding the samples inside the tank.

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