Conclude the Penetration Rate of Plastic Films

Conclude the Penetration Rate of Plastic Films
Plastic films are an inevitable part of the packaging industry. It is used by almost every industry for packaging purpose. It can be used in the domestic household from wrapping food and other stuff or can be used in industrial line for sealing components and protecting it from outer contaminant environment. The plastic films have much such application. You will be amazed to know that plastic films are used for packing almost all type of products. Such as medical devices, hazardous substances and many more. This is because plastic wraps are the most non-reactive packaging material when compared to others. They can seal anything inside and protect it from outside air. But with more application, customer demand more strength also. So how to improve the strength of plastic films and what is the situation because of which we need to test the materials. In this post, we will read more about the Dart Impact Tester.
For instance, you have packed a cup of curd using a plastic wrap and this is going to be circulated in the hospital to the patients. These patients can be a case of gastric issue and what not so the authorities must be very careful that whatever is fed to them should be very much contamination free. Now the plastic wrap is not that strong and when they were carried to the patient on a tray something from the top fell on it and the plastic film tore open allowing the dust and contamination enter the curd and if the authorities become negligent and serve the same curd to the gastric patient the case can get worsen leading to life-risking situation. So this entire scene can be avoided if only the manufacturer of the plastic film has taken care of the quality testing of plastic films prior to its supply.
These type of plastic films can be easily tested using Dart Impact Tester. In this instrument, the specimen which is to be tested is cut in a small-sized and then placed on the clamp for testing. It is tightened so strongly that it does not slip away during the test. As this can bring errors in the test results. Now over the top, it got a magnetic head which holds a dart, the dart is metallic in nature and is of distinct weights as per the requirement of the testing company. This weight is then dropped from a particular fixed height and boom. The film can be inspected visually for any damage.
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