Conduct Accurate Ash Content Analysis

Conduct Accurate Ash Content Analysis
The most usual type of testing instrument which you can normally find in any polymer industry is a Muffle furnace. It is utilized by the quality managers to estimate the value and amount of inorganic constituents in the product. This particular property is very vital for quality estimation of many plastic products. The basic concept behind the ash analysis is the complete combustion of the organic matter present in the material and weighing the ash – which is the leftover inorganic matter. You must also weigh the material prior to the test. The difference in the weight before and after the test will be the amount of inorganic substance present inside the product.
A particular fixed amount of inorganic substance is added to the plastic material in order to modify their properties and behaviour. But the amount added if exceed the fixed level or is found to be less, it affects the features of the plastic material.
The chamber designed to conduct the ash estimation process is based on the principle of converting the organic matter into smoke. Means its combustion. The chamber provides that much amount of heat till the matter’s organic part is fully combusted. One of the best parts of the machine is the entire process do not involve any sort of direct heat. The process is not involved with any flames. There are unique designed heating coils that help in reaching high-temperatures.
Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Muffle furnace and is an authorized dealer of testing equipment. The machine is designed as per national and international standards.

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