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Hot Air Oven
  • Gaurav Malhotra

The use of rubbers & plastics is extremely prevalent in various industries due to their durable & mechanical properties. However, every material has shortcomings and is prone to get damaged in a certain aspect. Since rubber & plastic products are not usually flammable, their tendency to melt at higher and elevated temperatures increases.

For example, the tyres of an aeroplane do not last more than a few landings and take-offs even after using such high-quality rubbers, this happens because the friction caused by the impact with the ground generates a huge amount of heat on the ground and the tyres, forcing the rubber to lose its original state & melt away. Similarly, with plastics, there are certain applications where plastics are exposed to hot & elevated temperatures that result in melting.

This makes it extremely necessary for manufacturers using rubbers & plastics as their primary products in the production process to make sure that they withstand some level of heat by testing them under the guidelines of certain standards. The Presto Group comes to the rescue of manufacturers from related industries with a high-end lab testing instrument, called the hot air oven.

The hot air oven is constructed with top-quality engineering and consideration of all the designated standards required to fulfil the necessities of a rubber & plastic using manufacturer. The hot air oven applications consist of thermal convection, heat deformation & compression resistance, allowing the operator to attain maximum knowledge about the reactive properties of materials against elevated temperatures.

The instrument has captured the eye of manufacturers from all across the globe due to its simplistic working module that is appreciated for ease of testing.

The Hot Air Oven Working Principle     

The hot air oven has an extremely ergonomic structure that encourages hassle-free testing as it encourages single-handed testing and enables the operator to achieve high levels of accuracy by simulating hot & elevated temperatures.

To conduct the thermal convection test on any specimen, the operator must make sure that the specimen is not bigger than the hot air oven’s inner testing chamber. The standard size of the instrument is 455 mm X 455mm X 455 mm.

The operator of the instrument can now adjust the specimen inside the chamber that consists of two specimen placement plates for the adjustment of the sample. The operator must make sure that the door is firmly closed and locked with its locking mechanism to ensure maximum insulation and avoid any contact with the external atmosphere.

The operator can now adjust the temperature as well as the time of the test in hours: minutes: secs. The highest temperature range of the instrument is adjusted at 250 degrees Celsius and the maximum run time can be 999 hours. 

The operator can also turn the German-made & aerodynamically-designed fan on with the help of a toggle switch associated with the control panel.

The hot air oven is equipped with high-quality heaters integrated inside the walls of the hot air oven that elevate the temperature inside the hot air oven. To make sure that the testing is uniform, the German-made fan evenly spreads the heated air around the specimen, allowing the operator to attain maximum accuracy.

After the timer adjusted on the control panel is achieved, the heat indicator on the control panel indicates that the test is completed, enabling the operator to unlock the door and assess the specimen by taking it out of the hot air oven. 

The operator can simply evaluate the changes in the physical & mechanical properties of the sample.

This is how the hot air oven working principle conducts thermal convection, determines the heat-resistant properties of a sample, and achieves high levels of accuracy.

The testing is made easy due to the integration of certain features that must be acknowledged.

Key Characteristics of the Hot Air Oven

The key characteristics included by the hot air oven manufacturer encourage the operator to achieve high levels of accuracy, and perform tests with no hassle as well as in an expeditious manner in order to save time.

The foremost feature is the robust construction with stainless steel made the instrument along mild steel that is layered with 7 coatings of powder to paint to prevent rusting & corrosion as the equipment is prone to fall prey to both of them due to certain shifts in the temperature.

Another advanced feature is the seamlessly designed control panel of the instrument. The control panel is a combination of the rotary switch, feather touch buttons, a toggle switch for fan controlling, testing indicators & microprocessor-based digital display accompanied by a preset timer. All these attributes imbibed in the control panel enhance the experience of an operator in conducting the test.

Another top-quality feature of the instrument is the incorporation of the German-made fan that ensures uniformity & evenness of the testing by distributing the elevated temperature perfectly around the specimen kept inside the hot air oven. Along with the advanced fan integration, the U-type integration of the heaters is also an outstanding feature to be considered as it elevates the temperature expeditiously, enabling the operator to save time and achieve accurate test results.

The features integrated by the hot air oven manufacturer are praise-worthy and have therefore captured a major chunk of the industry when it comes to rubber & plastic manufacturing.   

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