Conduct Plastic Accelerated Weathering Test with Accuracy

Conduct Plastic Accelerated Weathering Test with Accuracy

Plastic weathering is a common phenomenon in Asian countries, where weather is not constant throughout the year. Some time, its scorching heat of summer, and the other moment it is rain. Some time you may notice shivering winters and the other moment windy spring. With the changing weather conditions it is very common for plastic material to lose its paint quality, color, shine and strength. However, the plastic material life expectancy can be evaluated at the time of its manufacturing process. This can be done by conducting plastic accelerated weathering test. An UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester would be the ideal apparatus for the test.

This test chamber is Bench top model and uses touchscreen technology for its operation. Complies with several international test standards such as ISO 4892-3:2012, ASTM D4329-13, ASTM D4587-11, and ASTM G-151-10. It uses a smart technology to generate real-life weathering effects like rain, heat, temperature, UV light exposure, humidity etc. The conditions are controlled and accelerated to evaluate the real working behaviour of plastics after years of use within few hours.
The weathering tester is equipped with UV lamps, water spray and fluorescent lights for imitating the real-time ageing conditions. HMI based touchscreen display which shows test value and graphical results while the test is running. The screen allows to set test parameters along with the time duration, values, and test cycles.

User can manage test history and save data as per requirement. Has rotating fixtures for sample circulation in the constant running conditions. Conduct resumption of UV light, water spray, and humidity at faster rate during continuous test cycle. Corrosion Resistant PT-100 sensor for high accuracy in test process.


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