Conduct Quality Control of PET Bottles with Top Load test

Conduct Quality Control of PET Bottles with Top Load test
PET material and related containers and bottles are becoming a competition for other container material like metal and glass. Because of their low production cost and trustworthy quality, they are always preferred over others. Moreover, their famous non-reactive property to most of the things is the major quality aspect. But apart from these, they are also chosen for their strength of sustaining the transit and storage conditions. Most of the commercial product manufacturers are preferring PET material for packaging as for its complex molecular design which allows it to deliver maximum strength as per the vertical requirements. The most common issue which makes even a PET container face rejection is the vertical top load. During the storage or in transporting condition packets or bottles especially are kept one over other. And In such case, it can be kept for a long time. Therefore in such situations, it is very important to test the resistance power of bottles towards top load using a top load tester.
How to conduct the test?
It is often considered to be a destructive type of test. In this, the testing sample bottle is placed over a place and a vertical load is applied over it in a controlled manner to calculate the time after which it will burst or at least buckle. That point will be considered to be its failure point. The force value is quantified and can be observed using the display screen. That peak force value is your quality of the bottle. Now if your customers demand that kindly produce the containers with such a strength that it can withstand the vertical load up to at least 15 min without a minute buckle. And also the force applied must be also specified. The top load tester type of instruments comes as a solution to the manufacturers.
Presto is one of the most renowned manufacturer and supplier of top load tester and other variety of PET bottle testing equipment. This machine is capable of performing top load test for calculating load force of 100kgf and not more than that. It is equipped with advanced features such as auto stop facility once the test ends. It is also installed with a USB portal which is used to extract the testing results in soft version. Latest HMI touchscreen offers plenty of features and full control over testing parameters.


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