Conduct UL-94 Flammability Test of Electronic Chips

Conduct UL-94 Flammability Test of Electronic Chips

Electronic components are prone to fire accidents or electric shocks. The electronic chips are composed of plastic body and highly integrating software. A small chip controls the entire programming unit, thus its protection is highly important. Use of Flammability tester for testing flammable quality of electronic chips before using it in other technological equipments is a must.

The tester is designed as per the UL 94 standardization code. The code which is used to certify parts or material or components for their further use in the product depending upon its flammability degree. It is to be noted that components which are tested OK using the machine are not considered to be fire resistant or the testing machine itself do not tell the behaviour of the product in the real time fire accidents. The machine is used only to specify the degree of its flammability, depending upon which, the parts are accepted or rejected to equip in some electronic item or other type of products.
The machine allows a three mode of testing process including the surface burn, vertical burn and horizontal burn. In the surface burn, the test process involves burning at the surface level, in vertical burn the specimen is kept vertically above the fire and in horizontal, the burn is effected on the horizontal position. The test is conducted in distinct angle to standardize the material to be UL 94 tested. So that they can be accepted for use in other machines.
In the horizontal testing technique, the specimen is held in a horizontal position by strong clamping fixtures which ensure there is no movement during the test process. The burner is kept at an angle of 45 degree in front of the specimen and is held using a wire gauge. This test is used for acquiring 94HB classification. In the vertical test method, which is conducted for obtaining the 94V Classification, is conducted by keeping the specimen in a vertical position using the clamping fixtures, and below is place a cotton for carrying the trace of burnt material. The burner is hold at a specified dangle below the specimen.

The machine is equipped with 7 segment display screen which is based on digitalized program and show the test related values. Has a 45 and 90 degree angle specimen holder for performing different test modes. The distance kept between the specimen and the burner is 10 mm and the igniting flame length is of 20 mm.

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