Conduct Zero Error Corrosion Test on Fasteners

Conduct Zero Error Corrosion Test on Fasteners

Fasteners are the building blocks for any machines or instrument. They are the base of our metal industry. Therefore, it very important that we as a manufacturer keep a good selection of fasteners such as screw and bolts for our production or assembly process. And as suggested by market leaders a good quality fastener is the one which is tested under ASTM B117 corrosion standard test. However, there are very few test chambers in the market which are accurately as per the test standards and follow the restrictions and design dedicatedly. Let us introduce you to one such equipment designed by Presto Stantest, one of the leading supplier of test equipment across the globe.

Salt spray chamber is the most renowned equipment used in various industries for conducting Corrosion test on fasteners. It check the resistance strength of a coating or plated layer against the corrosive environment. It is also utilized to observe the behaviour of the product in salt laden conditions for a particular time period. This can be said as checking the initiation time of corrosion in metal products. The chamber is famous among leading brands and is considered to be ideal for fastener corrosion test.
This is because the chamber is constructed as per international test standard ASTM B117, with keeping focus on minute details. The canopy angle is also as per the standard requirement. The entire body is composed of triple walled fiber reinforced body. Pneumatically operated canopy equipped to make things easier for the operator and reduce human interference in the test process. The online fog collection unit has been installed outside the chamber unlike other Salt spray testers, as the standards say that multiple time canopy opening can disturb the environment around and even the test process. Thus, the fog collection apparatus is set outside so that one can analyse the process without even opening the canopy.

The chamber may look huge to you but is flexible and movable in nature. They are equipped with castor wheels for motion. Easy to move the chamber anywhere in the unit. The wheels are installed with lock systems. Once the position is set, user can lock them so that they do not pose any danger and move by itself. Has an HMI based touch screen operational feature. User can easily set test parameters by selecting form a wide range of features and manage the test data for future use. A unique air purge facility comes with the machine which allow the inside corrosive air to settle down completely before the canopy is opened after test completion. This will help in protecting the outside air to be contaminated with the accelerated corrosive air which may affect the other machine or equipments in the room. 

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