Corrosion - An Indicator of Metal Deterioration

Corrosion - An Indicator of Metal Deterioration

Use & Applications of Metals

Metal is a widely used material which is used to produce household products and industrial goods. Different types of metals are used to produce different products according to the properties of the materials and as per the requirement of the application. Metals are used to make fasteners, screws, screwdrivers, jewelry, cooking pots and much more. Apart from this, metals are also used in very crucial applications such as aircraft, automobiles, electrical wiring, etc. Therefore, the quality of the metals is considered as the prime factor in these industries. A good quality of metal has sufficient strength to tolerate numerous types of impact forces and can tolerate different climatic conditions as well. One of the common problems that arise with all types of metals sooner or later is Corrosion.

Effect of Environmental Factors on Metals

Different environmental reactions such as rainwater, sunlight, humidity, high temperature, cold weather, etc. severely affect the metals in a different manner and lead to corrosion that weakens the strength of the metals. The quality of the metal substrates can be measured by testing the properties of the metals by performing several types of tests on it. One of the popular test which is performed on the metals to ensure the strength and quality of the metals is Corrosion Testing. The corrosion test is best enough to measure the resistance of the metals to different environmental conditions. This testing is performed on the samples of the metals before initiating the manufacturing procedure that helps to measure the quality of the materials in the highly effective manner and to ensure the rust proof ability of the metals in the highly corrosive environment.

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion or rust is a highly significant property that affects the quality and service life of the metal substrates, painted products, and related materials. When the material is subjected to different environmental conditions, it corrodes the materials. Due to the opposing effect of corrosion on the metals, it becomes necessary for the producers in metal industries to perform corrosion test in order to measure the destructive behavior of the metals in ecological conditions. The corrosion test is also performed in various industries such as automobile industries, paint & plating industries, metal industries and many more.

It is a test which is performed to analyze the material failure that is usually faced by metals and painted products during actual working conditions. Using this testing strategy, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to ensure the behavior and lifespan of the products.

Corrosion makes the metal goods weak and quickly damages the products. Paints and coatings are considered as the highly reliable source to protect the metals from the corrosive environment. The corrosion test chambers are used to evaluate the rust proof ability of the coating. Corrosion testing is a significant procedure that helps the metal manufacturing industries for the continuous production of high-quality materials. This test helps in predicting the actual timing after which corrosion will start appearing on the metals when continuously provide under corrosive environment.

How the solve the problem of corrosion easily?

The problem of corrosion of metals can be measured easily by performing corrosion test and the corrosion test on the metals can be performed using Corrosion Test Chambers. There are many corrosion test chambers available in the market such as Salt Spray Chambers, Environmental Test Chamber, etc. The testing instrument is used to measure the quality, durability, strength of the metals. The procedure efficiently measures the effect of environmental factors in metals. The testing device is designed according to the standards ASTM B117 which was introduced by ASTM standardization authority for quality assessment of metals.

Results of Corrosion Test

Corrosion free metals are measured as long lasting products that can survive for a longer period of time. Protection of metals against corrosion enhances the products durability and the quality of the product as well.

The testing technique helps to measure the quality of the metal automotive components that are produced in automotive industries. The test is performed in automotive industries to ensure the durability and reliability of the automotive parts which is most significant for the safety of the users.

How does Corrosion Test Chambers work?

The corrosion test chambers comprise of corrosion testing procedure which utilized salt water spray, dry and wet process, etc. to measure the durability of the coated metals. On the basis of the corrosion test cycles test conditions; corrosion resistance test is performed to get the best result according to the correlated environments.

The corrosion test equipment is designed as per the standards that have been introduced by standardization authorities to appropriately locate the properties of coatings against corrosion in the different working environment. The corrosion resistance test took at least 24 hours to 72 hours to determine the behavior of the metals in harsh working conditions such as wet conditions, humid conditions or salty environment. For more information on Corrosion test Chambers, click here.

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