Salt Spray Chamber - The Best Corrosion Testing Equipment

Salt Spray Chamber

Performing Corrosion Testing is a fundamental test that helps to understand that how the material will perform when placed in several rigorous conditions during their usage and helps to estimate the actual life of the materials. Corrosion testing helps in predicting, planning and mitigating the negative effects of the corrosion that occurs on the material when they are placed in opposite working environments. The test is widely used to ensure that the components and materials that are used in the key infrastructure will perform their level best in the planned environment and conditions and are capable enough in performing for longer period of time. This test is performed mainly in the metals, steels, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys to measure the occurrence of corrosion in these materials.


To perform quality testing of materials with corrosion testing, Presto Stantest are renowned for offering tailored solutions across the globe in the form of high quality of Salt Spray Chamber.

Salt Spray Chamber is the best testing instrument which is used to test the corrosion resistance of various metal products and alloys. Presto offers three different models of Salt Spray Chamber i.e. CASS cum Salt Spray Chamber, Salt Spray Korrox III model, and Salt Spray Chamber Eco Model. The test machine offers highly precise and reliable test results. The instrument conforms to various national and international standard test methods. The device is provided with user-friendly features to operate it easily.

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