Corrosion Testing of Door Handles and its Important

Corrosion Testing of Door Handles and its Important
Door Handles are a major necessity of our daily life. Whether they are at our house doors, or at official doors or another commercial complex. This is such a thing without which one cannot stand. Due to its availability in every location including inside and outside and its regular use, they tend to lose its durability with time. The most occurred case is that it gets affected by the outer corrosive environment. Due to the corroded atmosphere, the paint or coated area of the door handle gets cracked and makes space for air and moisture to enter inside. This situation makes the handle surface vulnerable to corrosion.
Also, in factories and laboratories, for instance, the air is polluted with so many types of gases and fumes and chemicals which gets in contact with the door handles on daily bases. This polluted air can easily affect the quality of the metal surfaces and makes it more susceptible to corrosion. It would be very difficult to constantly change the door handles and knobs within a short period of times. Also, it will involve a great loss of money too. Not only corrosion is your only enemy. The cracked coating and inside moisture can influence the growth of bacteria and yeast on the same. This type of contamination can also effect the health of people living around.
Corrosion test, the most cost-effective solution

Corrosion testing of door handles material or final product is a smart step which can help manufacturers produce more efficient and long lasting product. To get a valuable result from these test it is very important to generate the exact or near to the real life corrosive environment that product may face. Moreover, the product gets damaged over long passing years then how it is possible to generate the same standard of corrosion conditions.

Salt spray test is a very famous test for conducting such inspections. The chambers are specially designed for such test creating salt fog for a particular duration and the samples are placed inside the chambers. The test use comparatively more strong solutions in orders to generate results of years of corrosion effect within few hours.
Salt spray chamber produces a salt mixed fog in a chamber to simulate the corrosive environment. The chamber is equipped with a reservoir which is responsible for continuous supply of salt solution. 5% of salt is present in the solution which is used for the test. The chamber’s wall is triple layered using glass wool insulation so that the heat can be properly retained inside the chamber.

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