Dart Impact Test on Low Density Polyethylene

Dart Impact Test on Low Density Polyethylene

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic material and has major applications in packaging industry. It is used to manufacture Plastic wrap, cling film, shrink wrap, etc. They are known to be flexible and strong in nature. They wrap up the product to every single inch and deliver maximum protection. However, increasing technological advancements have pulled the customer expectations. Now they desire of more strength packaging material which ensure no damage to the content inside due to sudden impacts.  Equipments such as Dart Impact Tester is a reliable test solution for evaluating the impact resistance of LDPE packaging material.

The test equipment is a highly consistent machine which is used to evaluate the resistance strength of plastic film against free-falling dart. The weight of the dart when fallen from a specified height delivers a specified amount of energy and pass on the same to the tight stretched and clamped specimen. Poor quality specimen will fail and rupture under the specific conditions.
It is designed as per international test standards including IS 2508:1984(R2003), and ASTM D1709-16A. The apparatus includes a hemispherical shaped head or dart which is held using electromagnetic section. The magnetic area is responsible for holding and releasing of the dart head. The dropping height is adjusted by moving the head section in upward and downward direction. For keeping a record for falling cycles within a single test, an inbuilt digitalized counter is installed.

The specimen are held using circular shaped annular clamping device, which ensure no slipping of the specimen during the test process. Moreover, tighter the specimen stretched and held, better the evaluation process is. To make the test less complicated, designer have implemented a single push button to initiate the test.


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