Determine Ash Content With Presto's Muffle Furnace

Determine Ash Content With Presto's Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace is a furnace with the extremely heated chamber. The walls of the device radiantly heat the content of the chamber so that the material does not come in interaction with the flame. Muffle Furnace are widely used in the testing laboratories as a compact means to create a highly high-temperature atmosphere to test the properties and characteristics of the material and extremely accurate and high temperatures.

Uses and Applications of Muffle Furnace

It is an oven type testing instrument that can reach high temperatures. It usually works by putting the high temperature heating coil of an insulated material. The insulating material efficiently acts as a muffle, preventing heat from escaping. It is used for high-temperature application such as:

  • Rubber Industry
  • Textile materials
  • Plastic Industry
  • Biomedical Industries
  • Metallurgical applications
  • Molding Industries

These furnaces are used in many research facilities and by the chemists so as to measure that which part of the sample is non-volatile and non-combustible. The properties of the material that are placed inside the heating elements facilitate more technological metallurgical applications.

Technical Specifications and Features

Muffle furnace is designed and manufactures as per the national and international standard test methods that are provided by various standardization authorities. From last so many years the instrument is considered as the best ever solution that generates true heating conditions for exposures in order to perform accelerated tests. Presto Stantest understands the requirement of Muffle Furnace and designs high-quality of Muffle Furnace to determine the percentage pf ash content in the materials. The instrument is assembled with numerous user-friendly controls that make the working easy and comfortable. The testing machine is designed in accordance with the standards that are provided by IS and ASTM standards. The instrument is widely used in growing fields of agricultural, medical research, metal treatment, industrial, and in wool industries for ash content determination. Insulation within the walls is provided with imported glass wool. It is assembled with 16 x 2 alphanumerical LCD controllers that help to control and set the temperature easily. The instrument is designed with latch-type door handles do not let hot air escape. The instrument is provided with the Advance Auto Tune PID temperature controlling with 0.1 degree C resolution and accuracy. The instrument is very easy to operate and offers highly accurate and reliable test results.

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