Determine Behaviour of Plastic Parts under Ultra-low Conditions

Determine Behaviour of Plastic Parts under Ultra-low Conditions

Plastic parts and components when manufactured must undergo severe testing modules. These testing are a part of controlled quality assurance program. It is checked that if the material or a particular plastic part is capable of surviving conditions it may face when in full use. They make sure that the product is matching industry set requirements and will not fail under any situations. For this it is important to test the specimens under different physical and chemical changes such as MFI testing, heat deformation and testing tolerance for ultra-low temperatures.

Plastic parts especially which are constructed for sustaining freezing temperatures, like ice tray or components used in refrigerators and related stuff must be tested against ultra-low temperatures. Many plastic are not strong enough to tolerate such temperature change and either get cracked or completely fail to perform under decreasing temperature. Hence, it is vital to closely inspect material under freezing conditions and check at what level it initiates failure at performance or generate any physical change. To conduct a reliable testing, Presto Ultra-low Deep freezer must be selected. The machine is a highly proficient test chamber which produces controlled ultra-low temperature for the operator to check change son the tested material.
It can help the user to ascertain the real working life of the plastic product under test in freezing conditions. Any physical or chemical change can be easily detected. Highly advanced PT-100 sensor are equipped for controlling temperature. The accuracy is such that the set temperature is followed point to point. The cooling temperature inside the cabinet is uniformly spread at any time and surface location of the sample. This reduces the chance of error generation in the test process. Imported PUF Insulation is provided for ensuring that the created conditions inside is not lost through chamber walls. Also equipped with CFC free refrigerants along with highly efficient air cooling compressor. The condenser filters are washable and can be easily fitted in the cabinet. The air circulating fan is specially designed to circulate uniform cooling temperature throughout the chamber.  Maximum capacity it can take is 95 Lt. and functions within a temperature range of -10°C to -60°C.


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