Determine Color of Products with Color Matching Cabinet

Determine color of products with Color Matching Cabinet

Colors are an important and most neglected area of design. It is crucial for branding, providing a competitive advantage and in giving recognition. Sometimes colors work even without logo or mention of its name as people remember a brand by its color. Colors look different in a different source of light. Color assessment plays an important part in various industries such as plastic, textile, and paper.

Manufacturers need to embrace the latest technology, make a progress and satisfy the market demand by adopting the latest range of testing machine. Color changes the mood of a human being. Choosing the right color at the time of buying materials especially fabrics depends upon proper lighting because the appearance of a material depends on the light source. To achieve the goal of evaluating a color under constant light source, industries have created international standards for viewing different colors. Industry standards must view the conditions that meet the specifications about color quality, evenness of illumination, light intensity, etc. The color matching cabinet is the best method to ensure that the industries meet these requirements.

A Color matching is used in quality control and wherever products must have a similar color quality features at the time of production. A Color matching cabinet is a machine that displays various situations for analyzing color characteristics of specific samples using different light types. Metamerism can be defined as colors that match below some lights but not others. The instrument is efficient enough to test metamerism in the quality of various products such as fabrics, paper, etc. as the test is conducted at different light conditions. Applicable for use in all industries such as cosmetics, furniture, automotive, packaging, printing, textile, ceramics, footwear, knitwear, foodstuffs, dyeing, leather, etc.

The color matching cabinet is used to assess color with 5 standard lights. The color matching cabinet is used for visual evaluation of textiles, cloth, leathers, garment, etc. For an accurate evaluation, it is supplied with bulbs and tube lights. Besides textiles, it is used in plating, paint, and many other areas. Simple to operate and has a separate switch for every single light.

Presto Color matching cabinet helps in providing a standardized environment for assessment of color. Advised for use in laboratories and industries, where adhering to quality and consistency of colors is important. Beneficial to overcome the issue of metamerism. The 5 standard lights as per CIE standards are D-65 Artificial daylight, TFL Light Tungsten Filament, TL 84 Light Point of sale, UVB Light-cool white fluorescent, CWF Light cool white fluorescent. Some of the features of the instrument are 45° angle to view the sample, hour meter, high quality light sources, etc. The Presto Color matching cabinet complies with ASTM standards i.e. ASTM D 1729, DIN 6173, ISO 3664 and BS 950.

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