Determine Property Of Plastic Material Using Heat Deformation Tester

Determine Property Of Plastic Material Using Heat Deformation Tester

Plastics are prone to heat and have a various bearing on the thermal environment for their performance. Due to the unpredictable behaviour of plastics, simple tests are conducted to analyse its behaviour and efficiency. The heat deflection test is conducted on a sample of plastic materials to check whether the sample deforms under a particular load. The test result can be used to determine the property of the plastic material. This property can be applied in many areas of engineering, designing the product, and manufacturing of plastics. Heat deformation tester is an apparatus used to conduct such tests. It determines the temperature at which the deflection occurs and the heat softening features of thermoplastic substance at a temperature of 300°C at a constant load in oil.

The apparatus consists of the digital dial gauge, a load of various weights, a smart indentor tip to test deflection on the sample. It has 2 stations to evaluate deflection temperature. Both water and silicone oil are used to test the sample. Chip based PID controller, auto tuning function, RTD PT-100 sensor are the main features of Heat Deformation tester.

The test result can be used to equate the heat softening property of plastic materials. Development, quality control and characterization of plastics are the main areas where this test method are used.
Presto heat deformation tester is a reliable tool to detect the capability of plastic material to sustain load when the temperature is high. The equipment is useful to know the temperature at which the plastic material deforms using specific load and vicat softening temperature of plastics. The standards are ASTM D1525-00, ASTM D648-01, IS 2530-1963, ISO 75-1(2004)-E. 


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