Determine the specific gravity of elastomer

Determine the specific gravity of elastomer

 In our everyday life, we come across and deal with products which are created by either experiments or discovery. Due to our dependency on these products, a study on the chemical properties of matter emerges and various new and beneficial products are manufactured. Now a days, mostly the products are made up of elastomers, for example, rubber storage containers in a room, shoe heels, tires of a car industrial seals, roofing materials etc.

The properties of elastomers are high elongation and flexibility against cracking. The specific gravity of any elastomer is important for its identification and providing an approximate measurement of its physical properties. The digital specific gravity balance tests whether the products are developed from the same compound or not. Digital display of specific gravity without any calculations. Specific gravity is an important property of fluids related to its density and viscosity. Specific gravity can be used to determine fluid’s characteristics with reference to a standard mostly water at a specific temperature. The user can analyse whether the test fluid is heavier or lighter than the standard fluid.

The formula is                   Dry wt.________
                                                Dry wt. – wet wt.
Dry Wt. means sample weighed in the air suspended from the hook. Wet wt. means weighed in water.
The specific gravity balance is an analytical balance that uses plummet to determine the weight of a liquid displacement. The plummet is calibrated in a standard liquid such as reagent water, prior to determination. Fresh samples are used to get an accurate result. The equipment evaluates rubber products and largely used for the rubber industry.
Presto digital specific gravity balance has an LCD display unit to show specific gravity by using digital technology. The equipment relies its basis on Archimedes principle and specially designed for its usage in lab applications. The sample can be easily analysed by testing whether the sample sinks in the DM water or floats. The sample floats show purity and if it sinks, means the sample has impurities. Another medium such as alcohol can also be used instead of water to test the specific gravity.
User friendly machine with battery or AC operator. Inbuilt functions for specific gravity. Operational in various units such as kg, g, oz., lb etc. Weighing capacity of 200gm. The least count for the test is 0.01 gm. Pan size is 120 mm with inbuilt calibration. Provides hanging hook for suspending the sample. The range for gravity is from 1.0 to 3.0.


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