Different Applications of Bod Incubator

Different Applications of Bod Incubator

BOD incubator is very popular instrument used in various applications to test the culturing of the bacteria and other microorganisms. The instrument simulates a condition which allows the sustenance of the microorganisms. Apart from temperature and humidity, the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are also maintained, as they are also essential for the survival. In molecular biology and microbiology, this machine holds a great importance. In this post, we shall shed some light on important applications. 

Different Applications of Incubators

Hospitals – Used in neonatal care, the machine is used to create the life-sustaining conditions for a premature child. It creates a perfect temperature equivalent to the womb. Apart from that, it is used to determine the infection-causing bacteria. Bacteriological incubators are used in the laboratories to understand the behaviour of the growth of infection-causing bacteria. 

Poultry – To increase the production of chicks, the eggs are hatched artificially by using the incubator. The process is very similar to the incubation period of the child. The hatching environment is simulated in the incubator so that chicks can be produced at a fast pace. 

Agriculture – In this sector, it is very important to understand the culturing of microorganism for compost, fertilisation, hybrid experiments. Tissue culture and growth of microorganism can be studied by placing the sample in the incubator. Setting up the desired temperature and humidity. 

More About Incubators

BOD incubator is a convection unit designed with double wall protection. This helps in maintaining the temperature and humidity for a longer time. The machine is highly versatile in nature and power efficient. It is equipped with air heater for indirect heating. The equipment is made up of Kanthal wire to deliver the high shelf life of the machine. It is very important to maintain a uniform temperature in the chamber so as not to disturb the life sustenance of the cells inside the incubator chamber. 

This machine is widely used in biological labs to perform the routine bacteriological tests. The instrument is designed with very simple operations and equipped with a high-end operating system to analyse the sample and deliver the accurate and reliable test results. Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments. If you are looking for lab testing machines, contact our experts and they will help you in choosing the best for your industry at competitive prices. 

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