Different Test Methods for Metal Testing

Different Test Methods for Metal Testing

Properties of Metals

Metals are used in many production verticals and in houses in the form of domestic products to fulfil various requirements. The metals are used widely because of the physical and mechanical properties such as ductility, hardness, malleability and strength. The metals are widely preferred for the applications where there is a huge requirement of tough and strong materials. Everybody knows that metals are best in terms of hardness and is widely used to resist normal scratches, wear and tear and normal impacts.

Use of Metals in Different Industries

With the several properties of metals that make metals unique, it is preferably used in various critical applications such as aerospace, aircraft, weight lifting machine, electrical wires, domestic products and many more. These applications are very critical, and there is no room for faults and mistakes in these industries. Hence, it is necessary to test the quality of the metals before using it for various production purposes. The testing of metals is performed to ensure that the metals will survive easily in harsh working conditions as well.

Why the need for metal testing arises?

It is important for the manufacturers to test that the raw materials that they are using in the production purpose are best in terms of quality. The quality of the metals can be tested using highly standardized and high-quality testing machines to determine its properties. To determine the quality of the metals, several tests are conducted such as hardness test, tensile test, corrosion test, and many more. These tests offer highly accurate result and help to determine the quality easily.

Corrosion Test – Best to Measure the Corrosion Resistance Properties

The most popular test procedure which is performed on Metals is Corrosion resistance test. Metals have to tolerate several environmental conditions such as moisture, humidity, high temperature, etc. that corrode the material surface. The major problem that occurs on the surface of the material due to these environmental factors is corrosion. It is a significant property that corrodes the surface of the metals and degrades the service life of the product. Therefore, when we talk about the metals, the first thing that comes to our mind is the corrosion resistance strength of the metals. The corrosion resistance strength of the materials can be concluded using high-quality of Corrosion Test Chambers.

Salt Spray Chambers to Create Natural Corrosive Environment

The chambers are also known as Salt Spray Chambers that are used to create a highly corrosive environment for metal testing inside the testing laboratory to determine the actual life of the product.

The instrument was first introduced by the ASTM regulatory body in the standard method ASTM B117. The instrument offers precise test results and helps to measure the quality of the metals effectively.

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