Different Types of Dry Heat Sterilizers and their Advantages

Dry Heat Sterilizers and their Advantages

Dry Sterilization for removal of microorganisms including bacterial spores is a process of long-time exposure to a material at higher temperatures. The best device to perform the process of sterilization is Hot Air Oven. These are the dry heat ovens that are used to perform the process of sterilization to distract the microbes using dry heat. The process of sterilization is applicable to the products such as petroleum products, medical instruments, laboratory instruments and many more.


Types of Dry Heat Sterilizers

  • Static-Air Type Sterilizers
  • Forced-Air Type Sterilizers

Static-Air Type Dry Heat Sterilizers - It is a dry air generating oven type sterilizer that comprises a heating coil on the bottom of the device that works on the principle of gravity convention according to which the hot air first rise up and then come downwards to maintain the uniformity of hot air throughout the chamber. This type of dry heat sterilizers requires longer time process to heat the chamber for the purpose of sterilization.

Forced-Air Type Dry Heat Sterilizers - these types of sterilizers are equipped with a motor-driven blower mechanism that helps to create dry heat inside the chamber with a great level of velocity and allows rapid transfer of energy from the air to the instruments.

Advantages of Dry Heat Sterilizers

  • Dry heat sterilizers are easy to install and requires low operating costs;
  • Penetrates and sterilizes the materials efficiently
  • Does not harm the environment and is non-toxic.
  • Completely non-corrosivefor metal and sharp instruments such as medical devices, laboratories tools, etc.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Dry Heat Sterilizers such as Lab Hot Air Ovens that are used to maintain equal temperature throughout the chamber to sterilize the products to make them dust and microbes free.

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