Different Types of Metal Testing

Different Types of Metal Testing

Due to strong physical aspects of metal, it is widely used in critical applications, where strength is one of the major concerns. However, not all metals have similar strength and behaviour characteristics need to be identified in different working conditions. Different tests are performed to analyse the different behavioural aspects. Here is the list of some commonly performed tests that help in controlling the failure of the products. 

Corrosion Resistance Test

It is one form of corrosion resistance that is performed widely in almost every industry that deals with the metal products. In this test, the metal specimen, either in its raw form or in the form of the end product, is kept in a salt-laden fog for some hours, say 100 hours. This saline fog initiates the corrosion at the surface of the metal, be it coated or uncoated. Depending upon the resistance of the metal, the test data can be generated. This test is highly standardised, and a lot of precision is required while performing the test. 

Cupping Test
This test is performed to check the flexibility of drawability of the test when an external force is applied to it. Usually, in automobile industries, the vehicle body is prone to external forces due to collisions. This may result in the visible cracks in the body. To avoid such cracks, the metal is expected to be a bit flexible, so that it gets deformed instead of developing cracks. At what force or at what deflection, failure occurs can be identified with this machine. 
Tensile Test
The tensile tester is a very common sight in metal industries. It is used to ascertain the tension bearing capacity of the components. This machine exerts an outward pull on the specimen to evaluate its ductility, brittleness, stiffness and strength of the metal in stressed conditions. Such a stress may lead to deformity like necking or breakage of the sample. Depending upon the mechanical properties, the sample may either elongate or fracture. This is how stiffness and ductility can be assessed.
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