Effect Of Flutes On The Bursting Strength Of Corrugated Sheets

Effect Of Flutes On The Bursting Strength Of Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated fiberboards are the paper based material which is designed with the fluted corrugated sheets along with one or more flat boards. These corrugated boards are sometimes also known as corrugated fiberboards that comprise of heavy pulp base board. These sheets are designed with the help of corrugators or flute lamination machines and is widely used in designing the corrugated boxes and containers that are used for various shipping purposes. The corrugated boards are made up of Kraft board or flutes with the thickness of 0.25mm or 0.01 inches. The flutes in the corrugated boards are provided to provide better strength to the corrugated boxes. Hence, we can conclude that the flutes determine the bursting strength of corrugated sheets. If the diameter of the flutes is more, the board will be considered as inferior in terms of strength and quality whereas if the diameter of the flute is less it will be considered as the best in terms of strength.

The strength of the corrugated boxes can also be determined on the basis of various factors of corrugated sheets like resistance of board to puncture, the resistance of board to edge crush strength and many more. Hence, being a manufacturer of packaging products if you are looking for high quality of corrugated sheets, you must look diameter of the flutes of the corrugated sheet, the number of plies that are used in designing the sheets for designing high-quality of corrugated box. The strength of these sheets can also be tested with the help of high-quality of testing equipments. The best and a highly effective testing machine that determines the bursting strength of corrugated boards is Bursting Strength Tester.

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