Elevating the Performance of the Products with a Vibration Table

Elevating the Performance of the Products with a Vibration Table
  • Gaurav Malhotra

To assess the roadworthiness of the products, it is important for the packaging manufacturers to test the vibration resistance of the materials. To ensure that they do not get damaged during the delivery of the products and that customers receive the right products, the vibration testing machine helps to ensure the product's reliability and durability. Thus, Presto has manufactured a high-end featured vibration table to check the vibration simulation of the materials and evaluate the damage caused to the products due to repetitive movements. 

It stimulates the vibration and jolts in the machine that is subjected to the various products in the real world during the delivery process. Vibration Table ensures that products do not get damaged while in transit or during the loading process. It will help customers to receive quality products. Furthermore, rejection rates will also decrease.  You can read more on how you can elevate the performance of products with the help of vibration table.

Brief about Vibration Testing

It is a type of testing that is performed on the products to check their vibration resistance ability. It identifies the potential problems that are with the products and rectifies them before delivering them to the customers. To ensure that the products can withstand repetitive movements, a vibration table subjects the products to the real-world environment and makes sure that quality products are delivered to the customers. 

Secondly, a vibration table identifies the areas of improvement in the products and strengthens them before sending them to the customers. Vibration testing subjects the products to a range of frequencies that simulate the similar environment that products will experience during use. It helps in identifying the potential failure points and helps the manufacturers to improve the sturdiness of the products.

How does the Presto Vibration Table work?

Presto is a leading lab equipment manufacturer and a vibration table manufacturer as well. The vibration Table of Presto adheres to the set standards and the equipment is calibrated for one year. The calibration certificate is also provided to the manufacturers that is NABL-approved. 

To conduct the vibration simulation test on the product, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, you need to install the machine and then the specimen needs to be prepared properly before placing it in the machine.

  • Proper preparation of the specimen is necessary to record reliable results and to ensure that there are no variations in the results when multiple tests are conducted on the specimen.

  • Close all sides of the corrugated box properly and fix them firmly with tape.

  • After placing the specimen in the machine, you need to push the frequency up and down arrow keys at once for some time, then the frequency indicator will blink.

  • Press the off button, to set the frequency upper limit and now set the time upper limit.

  • Now, you need to push the timer up and down arrow keys at once to make the timer blink.

  • Now, set the upper limit of the timer, and press the off button.

  • The programming mode will switch and set the right frequency and time.

  • Now, you need to perform programming for other function keys as well F2, F3, and F4.

  • Now, the main switch needs to be switched off.

  • The machine needs to be restarted to initiate the test.

Test the Corrugated Boxes Against the Vibrations

It is essential to test the corrugated boxes against the vibrations to check whether they can withstand the damage caused by shipping and handling the products. Several factors affect the vibration resistance of the products and those factors are the weight, dimensions of the products, type of the products being delivered, and the loading and unloading procedure as well. 

Some of the reasons to test the products against vibrations are listed below.

  • By testing the products against the vibrations, you can evaluate if there are any mechanical issues.

  • Repetitive movements can cause damage to the products. To prevent the products from such damage and make sure that products remain operable the vibration test is necessary to perform.

  • The lifespan of the products increases when you conduct the proper vibration test on the products and check their vibration resistance ability.

What is the need to carry out the Package Vibration Test?

Sometimes, the packing of the products gets damaged during the handling and delivery of the products. Unexpected vibrations cause wear and tear to the packing and by taking a vibration test for Packaging, you can prevent the products from getting damaged during the delivery process.

When the packaging of the products is tested against the vibrations, it is ensured that safe products are delivered to the customers. The efficacy of the packaging design can be tested by simulating the conditions that the products will go through during the delivery process. When customers will receive quality products, it will increase the brand identity and more and more customers will come to buy the products. It enhances the brand image also.  You can easily install the vibration table with minimal efforts. 


Vibration Table ensures that the right quality products are received by the customers and there is no wear and tear occurs to the products while shipping the products. This equipment should be used by the people who are responsible for the shipping of the products. Moreover, Presto manufactures top-notch vibration tables and offers customer services that are of the next level. Proper training is given to the customers when the equipment is installed and post-sales services as well. 

Whenever the manufacturers encounter any difficulty after getting the equipment installed, service engineers from Presto itself visit the manufacturers to solve their issues in one go only. Moreover, the local service engineers come to the manufacturers to help them. When service engineers from local cities address the issues, the chances of language barriers decrease.

We at Presto offer the best quality vibration tables to meet the expectations of the customers. You can buy vibration testing machines at affordable prices from Presto.  If you are looking forward to take the free training session, then you can dial the number +91-9210 903 903 or drop an e-mail at info@prestogroup.com. The highly experienced team from Presto will assist you in all the best possible ways. 



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