Ensure Metamerism Free Products With Color Matching Cabinets

Ensure Metamerism Free Products With Color Matching Cabinets

The color of an object is one of the most basic things that define different properties of a product. With the help of colors, the manufacturers not only make the products appear beautiful but they also use them to have a psychological impact on the customer’s buying decision. Due to this fact, every manufacturer needs to ensure that the quality of colors used in their products is of best level. A major problem that is faced regarding colors of products is metamerism. In metamerism, the color of the products appears different in different lights. This can be considered a great quality defect by the users hence the manufacturers need to eliminate this problem in their products.

The color matching cabinet is used in the industries for matching the color of different products in different lighting conditions. This helps the manufacturers in ensuring that the appearance of the products will not change with the change in the lighting conditions.


Technical specifications of Color Matching Cabinet

  1. The instrument has six different lights namely D65, TL 84, CWF, INCAA, TFL, ultra violet black light.
  2. The instrument is equipped with a time totalizer that helps in keeping a record of total runtime of the instrument.
  3. The electric wiring used in the instrument is in compliance with CE.
  4. The specimen can be viewed at an angle of 450 with color viewing booth provided with instrument.

Highlights of Presto's Color Matching cabinet

  1. The instrument comes with different operating switches for different lights.
  2. The instrument is manufactured with best quality materials for robust and long lasting performance.

With the help of Color Matching cabinet, the manufacturers can easily ensure the best appearance of their products without any chance for metamerism.


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