Ensure Quality Of PET Bottles Using Weight Analysis

Ensure Quality Of PET Bottles Using Weight Analysis

 PET has various uses in packaging industry for making packaging materials. They are light and strong for packing foods and drinks such as juices, water, etc. PET is a high energy efficient machine and the strength of PET as compared to its light weight is a major reason for its energy efficiency. They can be used to deliver more product in less packing and less fuel for transport. PET does not react to food products, is totally recyclable and sustainable product. Products made from recycled PET are carpet, rope, automotive parts, sleeping bags, construction materials, etc. The weight analysis is performed to ensure the quality of bottles. Usually, the sample is tested before the production process. To ensure uniform distribution of weight, the bottle is cut into 3 or 4 parts as per requirement without deforming the sample.

Hot wire bottle cutter provides accurate weight analysis of PET bottles, containers and jars when cutting with heated wires. The machine tests the weight of every section of the sample bottle. The machine has a digital temperature controller to manage the temperature as non-uniform distribution of weight leads to defects in the bottles. For example, the carbonated drinks poured into the bottles, can burst from the area where material distribution is not proper. The test is conducted to check the equal distribution of the material all over the bottles in equal quantity with respect to the size and diameter of the bottles.

Presto Hot wire bottle cutter is known to give the best quality of PET bottle cutter. The equipment cuts the bottle in equal size for section weight analysis. It consists of heat controls that can cut PET bottles of volumes up to 200ml to 2000 ml with a diameter of 110mm. The bottle is cut in three parts i.e. Top, bottom and cylinder. Each part is weighted separately to match the quality so that there is a unique wall thickness distribution.

Hot wire bottle cutter displays heat in digital format. The test sample is cut using canthal wires in exact dimensions. The features are strong clamping with zero slippage, digital display, fast heating of wires, accurate measurement of sample for section weight analysis, length, width adjustable clamping to grip various sizes of bottle, 2- wire and 3-wire configuration, variable voltage potentiometer for heat control, etc.


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